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Rates for Services

Individual sessions are $150 for 50-55 minute sessions. Couples or other relationship structure sessions are 180 50-55 minutes. I also offer sliding scale rates. Sliding scale means deciding a rate together that suits your income/financial situation. I have limited sliding scale spots, but am open to discussing this when scheduling a phone consult.

Services I Offer

I offer therapy for individuals, couples, and other relationship structures to folks who are residents of Colorado in person or via telehealth. My approach is compassionate, yet direct. My hope is that we can explore the different parts of you and how they show up in whatever challenges you are experiencing. I also hope to help you gain a better understanding of yourself in relationships, and develop tools to cultivate emotion regulation or identification skills and communication skills as well as a deeper understanding what healing means for you. We begin by discussing what has brought you to therapy, family and relationship history, and setting goals for treatment. I draw from systems theory, somatic psychotherapy, internal family systems, Brainspotting, and look at cases through an intersectional lens. 


Sex therapy

Sex therapy is a specialization within couples or individual therapy. This type of therapy includes working with issues like sexual functioning, sexual desire, out of control sexual behavior, LGBTQ issues (gender dysphoria, etc.), sexual trauma, non-monogamy, kink/BDSM topics, or just general exploration surrounding sexuality. Learn more at the "What is sex therapy?" page.


Relationships therapy

In relationships therapy, we discuss issues or challenges like escalated conflict between partners, infidelity, challenges with communication, difficulty setting boundaries, lack of intimacy, family issues, challenges making decisions or having conversations about the future, or unpacking trauma in relationships. This can also include sex therapy. Therapy for more than one person is $180 for 50-55 minutes. Contact for more information.


Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a space to explore issues like depression, anxiety, understanding relational patterns, exploring facets of identity, processing sexual or relational trauma. Individual therapy can also include sex therapy. I also include brainspotting in individual therapy. Individual sessions are $150 for 55 minutes.

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