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Explore your relationships, identity, and sexuality

You deserve to have space to explore different parts of who you are- without shame and stigma.

 Thanks for taking the first step in beginning your path to self-acceptance. I hope to walk alongside you in your healing journey whatever that may look like- whether it be therapy for sexual trauma, LGBTQ issues, navigating non-monogamy, sexual functioning, navigating kink/bdsm dynamics/identities, or gaining better communication and conflict skills. Together, we can cultivate tools that are the best fit for you and your relationships.

What is Sex and Relationships Therapy?

Sexuality is a subject many folks do not feel they are allowed to explore or have questions about. Many of us experience shame or confusion surrounding our sexual experiences, and do not know where to turn or who to confide in. Sex therapy is a place that we can discuss complex sexual topics without feeling stigmatized or judged. I provide Sex therapy in Denver and for Colorado residents.

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Sex and relationship therapy for Denver and Colorado residents


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