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Happy Pride! Here are 5 ways to meet LGBTQ+ folks

Happy Pride! Here are 5 ways to meet LGBTQ+ folks


            Many of my clients who are exploring identity or “coming out” are looking for community. While a lot of our healing work may come internally through tending to past wounds, learning self-regulation skills, and understanding our emotions, part of our healing also comes through our connections with others. Building trusting and caring relationships with friends and partners is also a way of healing. Community can be a factor that creates resilience in our identities; it can also make us feel less alone in our struggles. It helps to have folks around who understand (or at least try to understand and listen!) to what we are going through. But the question remains: Where do I even meet people?


So here are some suggestions!


Note: With any online exploration, please be aware of your safety. Make sure you have you are aware of your boundaries in terms of what you share online and with people you are just meeting. Consider safety planning if you are meeting people alone or going to events alone.


1.     Community Centers

LGBTQ+ community centers can be extremely helpful in offering community support and resources. The Center on Colfax here in Denver offers LGBTQ+ support groups as well as some mental health services. Look up your local community center and see what kind of support groups or meeting groups they might offer.


2.     Apps

There is a lot of negative to be said for dating and social apps, but there is also a lot of opportunity for meeting new folks! Apps like HER, Taimi, OkCupid, Feeld, Hinge, and Bumble (and Bumble BFF) are all places you can meet friends and potential romantic or sexual connections. The downside to apps is that the communication is not always the best and you have to be extra careful about your safety. If you are going to use apps to meet folks, be aware of scams and make sure you take safety precautions if you plan to meet up with folks.


3.     Social media/ Facebook groups

Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook are all social media websites and apps where people often post local events. With a quick search like “LGBTQ events” or “LGBTQ groups” you can find more information on local events going on near you because people often market them on these websites. On Facebook, there are often different groups you can check out. For example, you can type in something like “LGBTQ sober group” and see if there is anything that is local and specific to your desires. You can also search the Facebook events page as well.


  4.     LGBTQ+ groups within a hobby (sports, book clubs, etc.)

You can also try to find LGBTQ+ groups within a hobby. For example, if you love playing soccer you can look for a local LGBTQ+ league. If you like to read, you can search for a queer book club. You can also look at the community boards at the places you like to attend. If you like to climb, you can check out the community board at your climbing gym to see if there are any queer groups/meet ups for climbing.


5.      Local events: Eventbrite

Eventbrite is an online event posting space. You can search for local LGBTQ+ events on this site. They have all kinds of events/group meet ups on Eventbrite.

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